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Award Winning Journalist and Photographer, Shilpa Shetty's mission is to spread awareness about health and well-being, focusing on how to improve one's life with a positive attitude. As such she has produced over 40 articles, interviews, courses, and books that help empower people to live healthier lives and enjoy an active lifestyle.

In her work, readers can recognize that Shetty puts herself in each person's shoes by telling stories of real-life experiences that reflect their lived reality and experience. Her hope is that every reader will learn something new from reading or watching this article that will ultimately add to his/her knowledge and guide them to better health.

Shetty shares her personal journey with illness and recovery through her book "The Truth About Recovery". By using her own voice and perspective, along with other health and wellness experts, readers will be able to identify symptoms and symptoms and treat the underlying causes of health issues from a holistic approach to recovery.

This journal was created to promote health awareness. It brings you the latest information regarding the current state of your body and mind. This includes supplements, exercises, nutrition advice, weight loss tips, and much more. From our team here at The Healthy Mind, we want everyone to understand, maintain and enhance their mental health because this is a huge aspect of well-being. We bring you inspiring articles on healthy living, healthy relationships, and so much more. Join us! If interested, please email us with the subject line “health & fitness” or visit

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The Healthy Mind is a leading digital resource for anyone who wants to reach for the stars, heal from pain and inspire themselves. Our wide range of products includes recipes, tips for managing stress, ways to stay fit, natural remedies for acne, detox support, emotional self-care, and thousands of others. Our community consists of millions of visitors and members who come to us on a daily basis seeking guidance and inspiration. Whether they are struggling to lose weight, get rid of depression, manage chronic pain, or simply feel overwhelmed with all of the information out there; our goal is to make it as simple as possible to find answers, get actionable tips and take control of their lives. For more information visit

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